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Trade Solutions Machining Asia is a wholly owned Norwegian company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We have over many years etablished good business partnerships in machining/part production in countries such as China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand.

Our sister company in Stavanger is the link between our customers and their products. The product are all quality controlled and sent from here to our customers throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Over the years we have been to most of the expos throughout Asia, and have secured the best partners for production within Asia.

We can produce everything for your machining requirements, from the smallest part or prototype to a complete series of parts and accessories.

Feel free to send us a technical drawing of your product in PDF, DWG or DXF format together with your material requirements, such as Steel, titanium, brass, etc. and we will give you our best price for production.

If you do not have a technical drawing of your product, then send us an example and we will not only map it out, but add it to our product design database for future reference.

Should you require other products, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a broad knowledge base and can secure you the best quality at the best price.




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